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the years, working overseas seemed to be complex and bureaucratic, costly and
not transparent. Moreover, the prospective migrant workers were lack of
understanding on how to get the job overseas securely through the right
procedures. These factors became obstacles on the implementation of the
overseas employment placement program for the Indonesian migrant workers.

            In order to overcome these
obstacles, the Manpower and Transmigration Service of East Java Province offers
breakthrough by creating public service innovation. It is called the “simPADU-PMI” or the Integrated
Information System and Service for Indonesian Migrant Workers. The “simPADU-PMI” has been established as
the Top 40 of Public Service Innovation by the Decree of the Minister of State
Apparatus and Bureaucracy Reform.

The service itself has some facilities
consisting of information room for the public, consultation and complaint service integrated with the training and
certification service. It also has the One Roof Integrated Service for the
Indonesian Migrant Workers. The existence of these facilities has many
purposes. They can minimize the lack of information access to work overseas, ensure
the service flow, cut the service time, support transparency of cost for handling required
documents through the existence of the One Roof
Integrated Service, and even help empower retired migrant workers to manage the
remittance and conduct economic activities productively.

“simPADU-PMI” innovation service is unique
. From the 24
institutions of Indonesian Migrant Workers service, it is the only institution
in Indonesia that has integrated services which consisting of job information
service, certification of competence service for migrant workers, one roof
service for documents completion for migrant workers, and empowerment service
for managing the remittance of retired migrant workers. The service is also
conducted by 7 related main institutions and 2 supporting institutions that are
integrated in one roof. The key steps
to maintain the quality of the “simPADU-PMI”
innovation service are to implement the motto of work culture (easy, secure
and protected), keep the spirit and commitment to provide services
whole-heartedly, keep improving the service quality to meet the customer
expectations. Furthermore, other key steps are to revitalize the office
infrastructure of the One Roof Integrated Service for the Indonesian Migrant
Workers, simplify information access, consultation and complaint service
through online network (http://disnakertrans.jatimprov.go.id
or http://p3tki-jatim.go.id),
and also implement the “Free Gratuity Integrity Zone”.

 The real
results of the innovation felt by the public are the increased of service
commitment, citizen charter, the availability of the Standard Operating
Procedure or the Service Standard as the guidance of the standard of service,
more transparent service on pre employment documents completion, and the
certainty of time and cost. Through the existence of information, consultation
and complaint service, the public become more aware on their rights,
obligations and consequences on working overseas. While through the empowerment
service, retired migrant workers have more knowledge, information and
competency to manage their remittance for carrying out many productive

The implementation of the “simPADU-PMI” innovation is ultimately able to improve public trust, contribute to the achievement of bureaucratic reform, eliminate illegal migrant worker brokers, reduce illegal Indonesian migrant workers, increase placement of Indonesian migrant workers especially in formal positions, and improve welfare of Indonesian migrant workers and their families.

Governor of East Java


of “simPADU-PMI” or the Integrated
Information System and Service for Indonesian Migrant Workers is principally
aimed to shift Indonesian migrant workers’ positions from informal positions to
formal positions in order to increase protection for Indonesian migrant
workers. They can be registered formally and their data can be accessed through
the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. In case of any
problems abroad, the Government will be able to take some adequate steps to
overcome those problems. The other aim of the innovation is that informal
Indonesian workers are facing many issues concerning the quality of the
informal workers. Through the innovation, steps can be taken to improve and
guide informal workers. (Governor of
East Java ; H Soekarwo)

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